Urbi Engine along with configuration files is launched by windows batch files (.bat extension). By default they are in modules folder. If you want to place batch files in different location, you should modify _uObjectsDir variable in _CONFIG_.u file (see Control system configuration in Software section) and add modules path in to the system environment variable PATH.

Standard content of batch file is following:



  • First part of the content is path to Urbi engine launcher. Path ..\2.7.5\bin\urbi.exe assumes that batch file is in modules directory, which is in your main control system folder.
  • -f parameter defines files loaded into Urbi engine at start-up.
  • _CONFIG_.u is Urbi configuration file which defines all control system setting.
  • _ROBOT_.u script executes settings from _CONFIG_.u by loading appropriate modules.

In above example it is assumed that modules folder, urbi_scripts folder and urbi engine folder (2.7.5) are in your main control system folder (see figure below).





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