ERROR: failed to open UModule: can't open the module

Probably some dynamic libraries or paths are missing.
Possible solutions:

  • check if UModule is compiled with the same version Urbi
  • check module dependencies (by Dependency Walker from download)


INFO: Loading camera...
ERROR: Exception caught while calling uob_015B2720.init: Failed to initialize UCamera

UCamera can NOT initialize webcam.
Possible solutions:

  • check camera USB conection
  • check camera driver


[UKinect] ERROR: Can not find any sensors.
[UKinect] ERROR: The device is connected, but unpowered.

UKinect module can NOT initialise Kinect device.
Possible solutions:

  • check your Kinect device USB connector,
  • check KInect power adapter,
  • unplug and plug Kinect.


INFO: Loading Dynamixels...
ERROR: Port COM4 error.

Dynamixel module can NOT open serial port.
Possible solutions:

  • check available serial ports (converters) in the system
  • check port (converter) driver



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