Root of the main structure robot

This is the main robot structure. It represents the root of the entire structure of the robot. This part doesn't use any modules (UObjects).

   // robot type
   // name of the robot; 
   // robot model
   // serial number
   // robot body abstraction (arms, hands, head,...)
   // contain all audio devices and competencies (sound player, speech synth. and rec.).; 
   // contain all video devices and competencies (camera, detectors, follow person).
   // See audio structure.;
   // mashine learning alghoritms and complete competencies. See ml structure.
   // See ml structure.; 
   // network part of structure (access to Facebook, mail, Google Calendar and
   // Contacts, weather forecas, news, web browser, rss reader). See network structure.; 
   // text emotional content appraisal
   // build-in emotional/mood system
   // robot ready flag (true after correct start up, false if not)
   // power level
   // 0 - normal (all components run),
   // 1 - first power saver level (video and audio components stoped),
   // 2 - most power saver level (video, audio and motors torque stoped).
   // logging level
   // 0 - no log,
   // 1 - log only after Set function called,
   // 2 - log every 1s (frequency may be changed in script sources),
   // set one action log with some parameters.
robot.log.Set(action, [par1,par2,par3,...]);



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