Currently EMYS use adopted Microsoft LifeCam StudioLifeCam Studio in his nose. Below you can find foto-tutorial how to disassembly ready camera.

1. Ready camera.

cam adapt1

2. Cut USB wire.

cam adapt2

3. Remove front cover.

cam adapt3

4. Unscrew two screws.

cam adapt4

5. Get off front part.

cam adapt5

6. Get off metal camera cover.

cam adapt6

7. Use small screwdriver to remove back lid.

cam adapt7

8. Remove back lid.

cam adapt8

9. Get off back camera cover

cam adapt9

10. Unscrew four small screws.

cam adapt10

11. Open camera chassis and take it off. Remove microphone from upper part.

cam adapt11

12. Uscrew footer.

cam adapt12

13. Get off camera from chassis.

cam adapt13

14. Mount camera in the EMYS middle disc.

cam adapt14



EMYS and FLASH are Open Source and distributed according to the GPL v2.0 © Rev. 0.9.2, 23.11.2017

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