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PC1070-1B enables control of differential, classic or balancing robot mobile platform. It has two DC or BLDC motors outputs up to approximately 700 Watts each. PC1070-1B provides multiple control modes: torque, velocity and position. It is delivered complete with a configurable PID control algorithm as well as trapezoidal velocity control. Balancing motion is achieved by a linear algorithm based on data received from an Inertial Measurement Unit optionally connected to the module. PC1070-1B utilizes two independent communication buses: CAN bus for optional slave operation (e.g. in systems aided by supervisor module SMK70-1B) and a RS232/UART bus with an implemented protocol compliant with the ARCOS system installed on mobile platforms such as Pioneer 3-DX, PeopleBot or PowerBot (produced by Adept® Mobile Robots, LLC.). PC1070-1B is managed by NXP MQX™ real-time operating system.


Technical specification

Basic data

  • two channels (DC/BLDC motor control based on maxon® motor power stages),
  • torque, velocity, position control with trapezoidal velocity control,
  • 2 quadrature inputs (differential or single-ended),
  • Xsens MTi IMU input (for heading and balancing),
  • configurable system parameters (platform/wheel dimmensions, acceleration, speed limits, PID gains, emergency shutdown conditions, etc.),
  • error handling capabilities (internal errors, communication, overload, overheat, robot collapse, etc.),
  • full protection,
  • NXP Kinetis CPU, ARM Cortex M4 core, based on SQM4 K70 minimodule,
  • NXP MQX™ real-time operating system,
  • RS232/UART/USB/CAN communication,
  • communication protocol and control registers compatible with ARCOS from Adept® Mobile Robots, LLC,
  • Bluetooth port for remote platform control,
  • SD card (FAT32 filesystem) for system configuration and log files,
  • serial debug port with command line shell interface,
  • status indicators: 7xLED and a 2-digit display,
  • external enable signal.

Electrical rating

  • Nominal operating voltage: 10…60VDC
  • Channel output current cont./max.: 10A/30A (<20s)
  • Peripherals supply output: 5VDC/500mA


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 150x70x26 mm
  • Weight: 106 g
  • Connector FLASH-BUS™
  • Mounting: PCB card guides

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ADEPT MOBILEROBOTS LLC is a company that designs and manufactures autonomous robots, commercial service robots, robot software and navigation systems for robot developers and manufacturers. ADEPT® is a trademark of ADEPT Technology, Inc. registered in many countries.
maxon motor is a supplier of high precision electric drive systems. maxon® is a trademark of maxon motor ag registered in many countries.



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