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advantech mini

Advantech DS-060 is an industrial DC powered computer integrated into the robot.


  • 3rd Generation Intel Quad Core i7 Platform,
  • 8GB Memory (DDR3 1333/1600MHz),
  • min. 120GB SSD disk,
  • embedded graphics (Intel® HD Graphics),
  • Gigabit LAN controller (Intel 82579LM),
  • Audio Line-Out and Mic-In,
  • Wireless LAN (optional),
  • 2x USB 2.0,
  • 2x USB 3.0,
  • 1x 2.5-inch SATA II,
  • 1 x full-size mSATA, 
  • weight: 0.87 kg (1.92 lbs),
  • width: 180 mm,
  • depth: 190 mm,
  • height: 19 mm,
  • input voltage: 19V min. 45W power supply.

Detailed information about the computer and mounting bracket dimensions are presented in Fig. 1. External I/Os are presented in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3. Detailed information about the computer can be found here LINK.


Mobile DC computer dimensions
Fig. 1 Mobile DC computer dimensions. 



External I/O - front view
Fig. 2 External I/O - front view. 



Mobile DC computer
Fig. 3 External I/O - back view. 





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