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SC0550-1B enables control of two DC or BLDC motors up to approximately 250 Watts per channel. It is an extremely versatile controller which can be applied to drive robot components such as arms, graspers, mobile platforms, and more. Both module channels contain encoder inputs from motors as well as the joints they control. SC0550-1B provides multiple control modes: torque, velocity and position. It is delivered complete with a configurable PID control algorithm as well as a positioning algorithm with zero position detection. SC0550-1B provides two independent communication buses: CAN bus for optional slave operation (e.g. in multi-joint systems aided by supervisor module SMK70-1B) and a RS232/485/UART bus with an implemented protocol compliant with popular Dynamixel® servos (e.g. for communication with an external PC). SC0550-1B is managed by NXP MQX™ real-time operating system.

Ideal with igus® robolink® joints - the controller can be used to control robolink® (standard or D-series) systems enabling features such as tendon break detection.


Technical specification

Basic data

  • two channels (DC/BLDC motor control based on maxon® motor power stages),
  • torque, velocity, position control with a built-in trajectory generator,
  • 4 quadrature inputs (2 per channel) for motor and joint encoders (differential or single-ended),
  • configurable system parameters (angle limits, max torque/speed, PID gains, emergency shutdown
    conditions, communication parameters, etc.),
  • error handling capabilities (internal errors, communication, overload, overheat, positioning, etc.),
  • full protection, 
  • NXP Kinetis CPU, ARM Cortex M4 core,
  • NXP MQX™ real-time operating system,
  • RS232/485/UART/USB/CAN (optional Ethernet) communication,
  • communication protocol and control registers compatible with ROBOTIS Dynamixel®,
  • SD card (FAT32 filesystem) for system configuration and log files,
  • serial debug port with command line shell interface,
  • status indicators: 3xLED and a 2-digit display,
  • external enable signal.

Electrical rating

  • Nominal operating voltage: 10…50VDC
  • Channel output current cont./max.: 5A/15A (<20s)
  • Peripherals supply output: 5VDC/500mA


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 150x70x26 mm
  • Weight: 106 g
  • Connector FLASH-BUS™
  • Mounting: PCB card guides


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igus® Inc. is a company that manufactures range of lightweight robot joints for humanoid systems. igus® and robolink® are trademarks of igus® Inc. registered in many countries.
Dynamixel® is a name of high performance networked actuators for robots developed by ROBOTIS CO., LTD. Dynamixel® is a trademark of ROBOTIS CO., LTD registered in many countries.
maxon motor is a supplier of high precision electric drive systems. maxon is a trademark of maxon motor ag registered in many countries.



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