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CMVXYZ-1B is a module that provides the communication layer for a system built with FLASH-BUS™ modules. It contains a set of systems that enable communication between individual components and the host computer. The interface types are fully configurable and are selected based on the set of FLASH-BUS™ component required by the application at hand. In addition, this module is equipped with a system for measuring voltage and current drawn by the entire system. If the system is powered from a battery, this feature may be employed to estimate the state of charge. This component can also generate various warning signals (e.g. in case of exceeding the allowable current draw or over-discharge of the battery). The module contains a class-D amplifier which can also be utilized by a host computer or a supervisor module SMK70-1B.



The module is equiped with an analog input which allows it to cooperate with a Allegro™ ACS Hall-effect linear current sensor.

comm module3


Technical specification

Basic data

  • configurable USB to serial interface,
    • V* - CAN 2.0 (* up to one port),
    • X - number of RS485,
    • Y - number of RS232,
    • Z - number of UARTs,
  • NXP Kinetis CPU, ARM Cortex M4 core,
  • D-class stereo audio amplifier,
  • analog current measure input,
  • module serial debug port,
  • status indicators: 3xLED and a 2-digit display.

Electrical rating

  • Nominal operating voltage: 10…50VDC
  • Power measurement system: 50-200A, 50V
  • Audio outputs:
    • 2 x 20 W, 4Ω load
    • 1 x 40 W, 8Ω bridge tied load
  • Audio inputs:
    • 3 x stereo inputs (built-in mixer)


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 150x70x27 mm
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Connector FLASH-BUS™
  • Mounting: PCB card guides


 plat dim


FLASH utilize CM1620-1B module:

  • 1x CAN 2.0,
  • 6x n RS485,
  • 2x RS232,
  • no UARTs,



EMYS and FLASH are Open Source and distributed according to the GPL v2.0 © Rev. 1.0, 04.04.2018

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