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FLASH-BUS™ system provides a unified standard for the assembly of components on a common rail. The backplane is the common insertion point for all FLASH-BUS™ modules. It is designed and implemented with a number of options (basic, extended, double-sided). It can also be created on demand according to customers’ specification. Backplane is equipped with various I/O connectors which are used to connect external devices (IMU, rangefinder, motors, etc.). In addition, the extended and double-sided backplane can be equipped with additional components to measure temperature or power supply parameters of the entire system. Each backplane is supplied with an installation kit which enables a quick setup. The backplane can also be ordered with a dedicated cover and passive or active cooling system.




In its most basic form, the backplane can be used to connect 2-3 modules. It is equipped with one external I/O connector.



The extended backplane connects up to 6 modules. It can have multiple external I/O connectors as well as additional measuring components.



The double-sided backplane allows the modules to bo inserted from both sides, facilitating compact sytem design.


Technical specification


  • Nominal operating voltage: up to 60VDC
  • Max system current: 200A
  • No of FLASH-BUS™ modules: up to 6 per side
  • Mounting system: PCB card guides

PCB connector




FLASH utlises BP-DB (double-sided) backplane:

bp2 bp8


Front backplane

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motherboard front


Back backplane

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motherboard back



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