The control system of FLASH MKII social robot is build with FLASH-BUS™ series modules and backplane. The system enables control of a mobile platform and two 7 DoF arms and provides a communication layer between various components. The flexibility of FLASH-BUS™-based system allows to connect a wide array of external components such as motors, sensors, computers, audio devices, etc. It is a completely redundant and secure control and monitoring system. It is a perfect idea for a physically compact solution that maintains a high level of integration and modularity.

List of FLASH MKII controllers

  • 1x DS-060 Master PC controller
    Industrial DC powered computer integrated into the robot.
  • 1x SMK70-1B Supervisor module
    Monitors all arm and platform controllers, power boards, etc. Receives data from all modules and compares it with internal ranges. If any errors occur it takes appropriate action (disables components, sets the arms in a safe position, generates alarm sounds, etc.).
  • 1x PC1070-1B Mobile platform controller
    Enables control of a differential balancing platform. Utilizes communication protocol compliant with the ARCOS system installed on mobile platforms such as Pioneer 3-DX, P3-AT, PeopleBot or PowerBot produced by Adept® Mobile Robots, LLC. Supplies information on the platform’s motion, the battery state as well as the sensor data. It also allows the configuration of basic robot parameters, e.g. maximum velocity, acceleration, displacement, etc.
  • 5x SC0550-1B Dual servo controller
    Enables control of two motors. Utilizes communication protocol compliant with the Dynamixel servos. Supplies information on the motion, power state, and sensor data. It also allows the configuration of basic motion parameters, e.g. maximum velocity, torque limit, angle limits, etc.
  • 1x PM3, 1x PM4 Power supply modules
    Delivers proper voltage levels for different subsystems of the robot (head, hands, laser rangefinder, etc.)
  • 1x CM1620-1B Communication & multimedia module
    Enables all system communications between the low-level control system and the on-board PC. Additionally equipped with power monitoring and audio features.
  • 1x BP-DB Backplane double-sided
    Provides common insertion point for all modules.






EMYS and FLASH are Open Source and distributed according to the GPL v2.0 © Rev. 0.9.2, 23.11.2017

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