attention Do NOT power on the robot before reading and fully understanding the operation procedures explained in online documentation. Neither the robot nor the software is bug free, accidents can occur.


attention Make sure that the robot always maintains a safe distance from people during operation.


attention The robot should be turned off (disconnected from the power supply) when not in use. 


attention  The robot MUST be firmly attached to a fixed basis (using screws or clamps). 


attention The robot MUST NOT be allowed to hit any obstacles. 


attention  The robot's eyes are extremely fragile, take special care during unboxing, regular usage and transportation. 


attention In case of sudden power loss, the robot will not be controlled which might lead to unexpected contact with a human and/or obstacles.


attention It is highly recommended NOT to change servo angle limits. It might lead to motor and cover damage.


attention Avoid carrying and touching EMYS while he is operating. Most importantly, do not place your hands near his joints, as you could be severely pinched.


attention EMYS is NOT waterproof. Contact with water may damage his power supply, main controller and motors and may cause fire.


attention Failure to follow these safety guidelines could cause serious injury or death and/or damage to the robot.



EMYS and FLASH are Open Source and distributed according to the GPL v2.0 © Rev. 0.9.2, 23.11.2017

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