Drivers installation

After connecting EMYS USB connector to the master PC controller you must install the camera and two serial control ports drivers. All drivers are usually installed automatically by Windows; if not install the following drivers:

  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio driver LINK,
  • Serial drivers from FTDI: VCC LINK or D2XX LINK, for difference see "VCP vs D2XX" document LINK,
  • Serial driver for EMYS debug port LINK. ATTENTION! This driver is NOT digitally signed, if you are using Win 8.1 read tutorial how to disable signature verification LINK.

If EMYS is connected properly and when the camera and serial port drivers are installed, in the Windows device manager you should see three additional devices: “Microsoft LifeCam Studio” in “Imaging Devices” group, “EMYS debug port (COMX)” (diagnostic port) and “USB Serial Port (COMY)” (control port) in “Ports (COM&LPT)” group (see Fig. 1). DO NOT try to control the robot via debug port.



Fig. 1 View of EMYS' drivers.


URBI control system installation

  • Create main URBI directory on your hard drive (or cloud drive) (see Fig. 2).
  • Download Urbi Engine 2.7.5 SDK LINK and extract all files to this folder.
  • For working with Urbi install Urbi console LINK and Urbi editor LINK.
  • From GitHub LINK, download modules LINK and urbi_scripts LINK folders and copy them to your main URBI folder.


Fig. 2 Robot control system folder structure.

  • For working with Kinect install:
    • Microsoft Kinect Runtime 1.8 LINK (if you're working with Kinect for Windows),
    • Microsoft Kinect SDK 1.8 LINK  (if you're working with Kinect for Xbox or recompiling UKinect module).


Fig. 3 View of Kinect installed drivers.

  • Check the number of USB Serial Port (COMY) (EMYS control port) in Device Manager and modify _CONFIG_.u file in urbiscripts folder. You should change _com_head variable (from “COM4” to appropriate COM number) in EMYS CONFIGURATION section (see Fig. 4).

urbi config

Fig. 4 EMYS control port configuration.




EMYS and FLASH are Open Source and distributed according to the GPL v2.0 © Rev. 0.9.2, 23.11.2017

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